You dream of an amazing, inspiring career.

Let’s make it a reality, today.

Does the thought of life-change seem challenging?

Are you sitting on the edge of contemplation, knowing that a decision needs to happen in your life or career?

You can control your life progression with a strong mindset and the right person by your side, walking the path with you.

This is where Essential You Life Coaching enters the equation.

Hello. I’m Linden Fuller, a Life Direction and Career Coach who works with mature-minded women who are contemplating change.

The change may be career promotion or career transition to something excitingly new and different.

Or it could be that, like me, you found yourself redundant from a long-term career. Or maybe you’re completely unhappy in your current situation and you’re considering retirement?

As a willing participant in your life, I’m the caring and empathic person who holds you accountable for the goals you desire and deserve. Together we dream your dreams and I am alongside you while you achieve them.

You will be inspired by your successes. You will feel empowered. No anxiety. No uncertainty. Only clarity, confidence, connectedness.

Your friends and family will see the difference in you. They will be delighted to see you lead the life that you aspire to, with the happiness and joy that you deserve.

I encourage you to continue on your path by showing you how far you have come during our time together. You know yourself and your heart lights up with pride. All of this because you’re feeling fortunate in a career you love.

Clarity. Confidence. Connectedness.

Essential You Life Coaching services start with you clarifying your dreams.

A personal road map is the key to your success and the essence of our coaching sessions. 

With over 25 years’ experience in corporate roles as a leader, manager, Master of Education teacher and Beautiful You Coaching Academy Life Coach, I am qualified to support your dreams and successes.

Invest in your future direction and career.

What people are saying about Essential You Life Coaching:

“I was very inspired by my first goal and that looking back has been the most powerful.

I had been struggling with how I do both my passion projects – events & marketing, and walking, mindfulness & meditation. Rather than feeling bogged down by all the possibilities, I gained clarity and felt excited.

I know I have done the work over the last five years, but I dug deeper and delved into my soul during this coaching series. I finished my vision board from 18-months ago – no gaps in my work and career section on my board.

I would describe my coaching experience as: Inspiring, Connecting, Impactful.”

Michelle Green
Founder, Marquet Events

“When we work from a place, I believe, that says ‘I’m enough,’ then we stop screaming & start listening, we’re kinder & gentler to the people around us, & we’re kinder & gentler to ourselves.”

– Brené Brown

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